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About Us

Analysis, Strategy, and Creativity are the core principles that drive everything we do.  We know that when sellers can unlock those, their revenue generating potential increases significantly.  We can show you the way!!

Illustration of the two hemispheres of the human brain.  Left side represents analytical, and right side represents creativity


Picture of Doug Sanfilippo

Meet The Founder-
Doug Sanfilippo

After stints as a ski instructor, dog trainer, and park ranger, Doug took a job as a front desk agent in a newly opened hotel.  


Over 20 years later he has gained immense experience having served as a Front Desk Agent, Assistant Front Office Manager, Convention Services Manager, Business Travel Sales Manager, Senior Sales Manager, Assistant Director of Sales, Director of Sales and Marketing, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, and Vice President of Commercial Strategy. 


He has worked with all the major brands, worked all market segments, won numerous awards and has helped many hotels increase revenues and improve market share.    


He realized early of the importance of good looking, well organized sales collateral and the effect it had in getting his hotels to stand out from the competition, thus increasing chances of making short lists and converting prospects into definite business.


During his time as a regional VP, supporting more than 20 hotels at a time, he developed innovative marketing/collateral pieces that were instrumental in supporting hotel sellers in driving market share, and overall revenues.

Let us show you how we can do the same thing for you!

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